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Coach Amanda Kohatsu (Haparican)

NCSF/Safe Sport Certified

Amanda has spent the last 8 yrs in various areas of the strength and fitness industry.  Teaching group classes/CrossFit, personal training at various health clubs and gyms (Equinox, 24hr Fitness, private studios) and finally in 2018 adding online coaching.  Amanda has trained thousands of clients of various backgrounds and with a variety of goals ranging from weight loss and injury recovery to advanced powerlifters looking to reach Elite totals. This experience has adequately prepared her with the knowledge to communicate with clients worldwide to best meet their training needs.  

Amanda is an International Elite Powerlifter with a 456kgs/1005lbs total at 67kg/148lbs bodyweight.  She currently coaches athletes worldwide ranging from 52kgs to SHW at ALL age ranges.

Amanda’s main goal with every client is to help them reach their individual goals and incorporate new habits to maintain long term progress and success!

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Amanda has been my trainer for a couple months now. She is flexible, works with your schedule and needs, and listens to your concerns. I had a tough time with proper form for squatting and deadlifting, but her training has made me improve tremendously. She’s easily accessible and has a lot of experience and information to support and guide you during your training. She’s honest, down to earth, and encouraging. Thank you Amanda for pushing me out of my comfort zone!


I met my coach through a friend and it was lift off from that point. I thought I was going to do a regular online program to build strength, but I definitely got more. She actually cares about her clients and looks out for their best interest. She’s never too busy to help and her response time is almost immediate. Communication is key and that is one of her best attributes. If you give her 100…she reciprocates that energy right back!


Amanda is an incredible and professional coach- her programming challenges me mentally and physically in all the right ways. Her cues are prompt, specific, and helpful; I now lift pain free, I’ve gained 4.5 pounds of lean mass since starting coaching with her, and immeasurable confidence in and out of the gym as a result. Asking her to coach me was the best decision I’ve made in my powerlifting journey!