Nutrition Intake Form

For clients looking for nutrition guidance but have a fundamental understanding of nutrition and just need a plan, our certified and experienced coaches Tee Popoola and Chauntae Gold, will design a macronutrient plan based on your current baseline, lifestyle, training regimen, and goals. 3 month minimum commitment required.

You will check-in weekly with your coach and our coaches are available 24/7 in our Messenger app and via our Facebook community!

Ready to start? Fill out the short questionnaire below!

*Weight and waist measurements should be measured in the AM before eating/drinking and after using the bathroom. *Measure waist circumference around the navel (belly button). Skip this step for now if you do not have a tape measure.

2. Body weight history. Provide estimates of the following…

3. Health history

Note: If, “no”, download a food tracking app such as MyFitPal to start tracking your daily food intake. Skip question 5a for now but try your best to answer question 5b and 5c.