Physique / Bodybuilding (Competition)

Tee Popoola, M.S.

Tee started his fitness journey simultaneously both in the weight room and classroom at his undergraduate institution as an exercise science major about 20 years ago. He is very passionate and fascinated about applying the sciences to improve performance and overall health. His competitive career started as a teen bodybuilder where he twice won the Teen class in his first year of competition. After about 10 years of NPC amateur bodybuilding competitions where he was twice the overall champion in the stiff competition climate of Southern California, he added competitive powerlifting to his resume. With his academic knowledge and bodybuilding experience, he was able to transition with time from the 308-lb weight class to the 242-lb class where he would eventually break the prestigious 242-lb raw all-time world record.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Cal Poly Pomona and his Master of Science in Exercise Physiology & Nutrition from Long Beach State. He is currently working towards gaining admission to medical school so that he can eventually utilize all his experiences to even better serve his clients from all walks of life.


16 wk competition prep: $1600

Our 1:1 bodybuilding coaching will provide you with customized training (designed week-by-week to ensure optimal progress), personalized nutrition plans based on your dietary preferences (all allergies/lifestyles welcome), supplement guidance, cardio prescription, and progress picture analysis.

You will receive an initial video call with your coach to ask questions and get an understanding of your goals. You will have weekly email check-ins to update your coach on workout progress, lifestyle updates, and ask questions as well as 24/7 access via our Messenger app! ALL categories welcome. 

*We encourage our bodybuilding prep clients to obtain a baseline and regular blood work from their physician. 

Month-to-month competition prep: $500 (Minimum 3mo commitment)